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Dol Rosa Canina 

In the beginning:

The company Dol Rosa Canina was established in February 2014 by Mr Vince P Tyrrell with the primary aim of re-introducing A modernized 100% natural version of the traditional rosehip syrup (that previous generations had relied on for its great health benefits and wonderful & unique taste), but still keeping to the old traditional village cottage industry ways.

Keeping to the original 1943 recipe issued by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Vince had gone out into the local countryside & hand-picked, freshly ripe organic wild rosa canina hips

having been trained from an early age in the arts of foraging & healing herbs, along with his local knowledge and knowing all the landowners about him, certainly helped him locate the sustainable quantities required for his project

he then hand-processed the hips to a recipe from his grandfather that allowed the best extraction, the processed hips were then put in Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral water and steeped to original recipe, with the other significant changes being, reducing the sugar content down from 60% to just 20% using gluten free natural cane sugar, and a drop of fresh lemon juice to preserve the produce instead of the high sugar content. His Rosehip Syrup has now sold into the 1000's across most of the world.

The tragedy:     

The second objective Vince wanted to gain from starting Dol Rosa Canina, was purely health related, that turned out to be a saviour and health magic!

Having shunned the old ways in his early 20's to join the armed forces & then the construction industry till ill health from COPD (Chronic Lung disease) leaving his lungs at the age of a 76yr old and with no available cure for the disease. On top of having had his saliva glands removed from his throat, and an existing arthritic hip problem, forced him into early retirement in July 2010. Another 2 years of  bad diet and lack of exercise took its toll on the waist line and cholesterol level (6.86), but in December 2012 having stumbled upon A handwritten notebook on foraging & healing Herbs that he had written as an adolescent

set him on the path to re-learn the lost skills of foraging, healing herbs, diet & nutrition, and giving him the drive to get more active and adapt to change his life!

Behold the humble nettle:

Having carried out his own extensive research into the causes of asthma & lung disease, Vince started to forage and collect the fresh young growing tips of the humble stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) in earnest, and on the 12th March 2014 he started drinking the nettle syrup he had produced. After only a matter of days, Vince began to notice the magical effects it made to his health and launched the product 30 days later

by the launch date of his nettle syrup (25/04/2014) Vince had doubled his strength & found he recovered a lot quicker from exertion, he no longer required his medication on a daily basis or inhalers, and his blood oxygen content was now 98% (virtually perfect) although he remains a heavy smoker!

More blends of herbal syrup were soon to follow as his health continued to improve throughout the seasons, and by March 2015 following his yearly COPD Check & physical being carried-out, he was given the great news that his lung age had reduced to 63yrs and his chest was clear and normal for the 1st time in over a decade.

his health has continued to improve with time and by March 2016 his lung age has reduced to 60, he is now so fit & agile that he looks like a trained ape when harvesting the hedgerows and most of his family & friends think he looks 10yrs younger! 

The Present:

The Company has continued to flourish and receive endless praise & 5* feedback on the product range (to include well over 1000 5* ratings on e-bay).

Vince still makes all the products from the foraging right through to bottle labeling himself

well except for some occasional help with temporary employed seasonal pickers or friends press ganged into labeling bottles in exchange for some of his wonderful homemade liqueurs 

Vince has received so much commercial interest that his products are now being used by cake makers to distillery and even to flavor beer on the other-side of the world! And he now divides his time between his existing product range, his professional foraging service and consultancy in syrup making &  herbal infusion. 


The Future:

  1.  Increase the product range and visibility.

  2.  Help others in the art of foraging and the benefits of wild herbs & botanical's.

  3.  Increase the use of English wild harvested produce in the commercial marketplace.

  4.  launch Vince's next vision www.hedgerowheaven.com  Dedicated foraging site.


The final frontier: 

The financial security & time to teach & train a capable apprentice in the lost arts of wild foraging before the legacy starts to get lost in the hype of modernization. 



PLEASE NOTE: the Company (Dol Rosa Canina) makes no medical claims to the property or effects of our products, and the information supplied on this website is for general information on the relevant herbs only.