Hand-Made in the ancient rural roman village of Marcham in south Oxfordshire.

All syrups and cordials are made using 100% Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water.

All our Herbs, fruits, Berries & Nuts are wild foraged and harvested by hand from private local wild orchards & meadows in the traditional fashion by www.hedgerowheaven.com.

Herbs are collected from nature and are not cultivated or refined. This way, they retain all their freshness, power and fragrances longer.

Herbs are picked no longer than 24hrs prior to use.

All our Syrups contain less than half the sugar content of alternative recipes, and contains only between 18% and 34% (depending on syrup).



Contain No artificial Colours or Preservatives.


Are produced for their unique and wonderful taste & flavour, and any health benefits received from taking the produce is just an additional benefit.

Production is carried out in our domestic village kitchen that has been inspected and approved by the Local Authorities F S A (Food Standards Agency) 5 Star Rating.

All Bottles and labels used are produced within the UK.

All Products are safe for all ages.


Can be taken neat or diluted to taste in hot or cold water or added to beverages or food for flavour enhancement


To receive the best health benefits from our natural syrups, we would recommend that for the 1st 5 days that a minimum dose of 30ml to load into system then maintain at a minimum of 5ml (teaspoon) for children & 10ml (dessert spoon) for adults their after. Rosehip syrup requires no loading.