Whole Dried 100% English Wild Foraged, Rosa Canina Rosehips (Supplied by heddgerowheaven.com.
Rosehips are hand- harvested from rural private woodlands in south Oxfordshire, and were harvested in September 2019.
The rosehips are then put into our Purpose Built Commercial Hot Air Drier Room (helps retain flavour & power longer than other forms of drying, allowing us to provide the best quality produce), were they are carefully dried and graded. Once dried they are placed in sealed container storage.
Packaging is carried out in our Local Authorities FSA (Food Standards Agency) approved 5 Star Rated Premises.
rosehips are harvested within the laws and the codes of practice for the countryside, and we operate site-specific management plans to include rotations to protect biodiversity & sustainability.  

English wild Dried Rosehips